IT Asset Buyouts


For larger projects we have the ability to collect assets, perform inspections, test and tag at our facility and store for redeployment at a later date. Items not required for redeployment are able to be recycled or remarketed by us.

If your equipment meets certain requirements, KM Ewaste may offer a rebate toward the recycling costs on non-saleable products. As part of our process we will remove all customer identification and assure that your proprietary data is removed from the hard drives using industry standard software.

Purchase Option

If your equipment does not meet the trade-in criteria, KM Ewaste still has a way to meet your needs and void your disposition costs.

KM Ewaste will accept your computer products, perform an audit, test, repair (if necessary), clean, reconfigure (if this would increase the value) and separate into marketable products and those that no longer have saleable value. KM Ewaste will then purchase those products that are still marketable using fair market rate valuation.

Again, we will wipe all hard drives and remove all customer identification to maintain your company’s information security. If you require additional protection for your information, KM Ewaste will use industry standard software to wipe the disks at an extra charge.

Sometimes the equipment has no market value at all and is in service beyond its technological and economic life. This presents a disposal challenge for both businesses and local governments. Millions upon millions of retired computers are creating a huge waste stream of both solid and hazardous waste. Additionally, many components in a computer require special disposal processes.