Getting new computers, tablets and phones is exciting for a business; you’ll discover the new bells and whistles that will make your job easier and more efficient, it’s like our kids on Christmas morning opening their gift and can't wait to play with it....
But what happens to the old electronic assets?
“If they have been placed into storage, either in someone’s cabinet or in the corner of an office, you are effectively costing the company /yourself money with no more ROI.”

The 4 Poles of Recycling

  • Pole 1

    For the first 3 years, your electronic assets have some remarket value, but remember that each month that passes, it depreciates even more.

  • Pole 2

    By allowing the devices to depreciate past 3 years, starts costing the company storage space. You are giving up space for old redundant electronics instead of things that are cost improving.

  • Pole 3

    All of those devices have important data on and keeping it opens the door to people getting access to valuable company information.

  • Pole 4

    A lot could happen to the storage area: flood, fire, theft, accident. These will effectively minimize the resell value should something happen whilst in storage.

If you've been storing these devices because you don't know what to do with them, then contact KM EWASTE RECYCLERS. We are extremer’s in the IT recycling business, by offering a collection for ANY AND ALL electronic devices, may it be obsolete/repairable/ depreciated and or unwanted.

We thrive on the RRRR cycle and will go the extra mile to assist in keeping our environment clean.

  • Reduce

  • Reuse

  • Recycle

  • Resell


In most parts of the world, underground water is not drinkable directly. 

Long ago, people simply used to draw up water from wells and drink it.

 But now, you have to use  filters to purify the water and make it drinkable.  


It is just one of the many problems and hazards of  E-Waste.  

The electronic devices, dead cells, and batteries you throw away
with other garbage contain lead that easily mixes with underground water,
making it unfit for direct consumption.  

That is just the tip of the Iceberg , have a look at our landfills there is no
more space and all waste does is contribute to nothing but pollution.